Fake Your Job - Dont Use or Trust these Guys! Horrible Customer Service!

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I just got off the phone with the owner of Fake your job Dot com. What lousy, non-existent customer service they gave me. For one... they don't even have SET PRICES! They keep fudging on the prices. Every time I call... I get a VERY DIFFERENT QUOTE. When I asked some basic information about their their company, the crook on the phone didn't answer. me. He hesitated and answered my question, with a question. I had to remind him that I WAS THE CUSTOMER. And that I was not there to ANSWER HIS QUESTIONS; He was there to answer mine! He was rude, snootie, and has a very bad disposition. A Customer Service mined person... He is NOT!

They don't even have a sample to examine. Getting something to look at was like pulling teeth! When I took a look at their so-called "SAMPLE". What non-sense! It looks like with was built completely built by a 6 y.o child!

Then... I called the phone number listed on the website; the person answered said... "Fake your job"!

Finally... They claimed to have been in business in Philadelphia, PA for almost three (3) years. That's not true either. These are obviously college kids trying to earn some beer money! The record shows them to have been in business for only 3 months.

DO NOT USE OR TRUST THESE CROOKS! You can do better elsewhere or maybe even on your own!



I also found them hard to work with; after reading their "Prices", I found out that there are many Hidden fees they dont tell you about. When I tried to call them, the young man that answered didnt seem to know all the details to my "What If" questions.

I got the sense that he was making it up as he went along. When I asked to see a Sample of his work, AGAIN..... he hesitated! And when he FINALLY got around to showing me a sample, it looked like something my kid brother made.

I very happy I found this Thread.

I thought maybe I was the only one; but now.... I can see they "***-Off" everyone they talk to.


I found Fake your Job.com to be difficult to work with, and cheap sites as well.. They never answer their phones and I think it\'s only 1 guy working everything..

I moved on and found TheReferenceStore.com These guys answer the phone practically 24/7 and got me set up quick.

I had the best experience with them out of all the one\'s mentioned here.. Just my 2 cents..


I found Fake your Job.com to be difficult to work with, and cheap sites as well.. They never answer their phones and I think it's only 1 guy working everything..

I moved on and found TheReferenceStore.com These guys answer the phone practically 24/7 and got me set up quick.

I had the best experience with them out of all the one's mentioned here.. Just my 2 cents..


This is such ***! These guys are Career Excuse under a different name!!!!!

They took my money and didn't give me anything at all. They dont answer their phones or e-mails. They must be too busy counting the money they stole. These *** a hucksters. Plain and simple.

I have to give them credit. They are great at giving a song and dance. They sold me a bill of goods that I should have known as a bunch of lies.

Hey!!! Career Excuse,....err.... I mean, I mean..... Fake yor job..... I'm gonna contact the Attorney General of Pennsylvania and take legal action your thieving ***. I'm gonna sue you, your partners, and your company, Your House is gonna be MINE!

I cant wait for the cops to come busting through your door and seize your computers and throw you in Jail for fraud.


Sounds like to me.... These guys are not only full of excuses... they're full of ***. How can these losers KEEP COMING UP with excuse after excuse after excuse.

The Finger pointing would be funny, if it weren't so pathetic! This company needs to own up its its failings. Even if their assertions are true... SO WHAT!!!

There's no way they (These Thieves) could have known during the call. Not only that... But Career Excuse has been in business MUCH, MUCH, MUCH longer with a long history of success.

Also... I notice how this company, in their responses, NEVER ADDRESS THE TRUTHFULNESS OF THE ASSERTIONS MADE AGAINST THEM. All we see is finger pointing and Name Calling. Why??? Could it be their guilty? Hmmmmm......

They tried to Win a Client by saying they have been in business for MUCH longer than they really were. That "Larceny by false promise." More than enough to get these guys shut down; In fact, It can also get them tossed in the Slam!

Legally speaking, Clients of such companies are at extreme risk. I wonder how the ATTORNEY GENERAL of their State feels about such lies to the public?

I think these younngsters should use their own service and get a REAL JOB.


Well... to be honest, (Honesty...

Hmmmm... there's a new concept) A company like this should be outlawed! But then again, when I hear of what a rotten job they are doing, can anyone really be surprised? Let me see if I got this right.

This so-called "Company" made up of college kids, lies FOR you. Doesn't it stand to reason that they lie TO YOU????

Do yourself a favor...... just tell the truth.


Thanks for the customer service tip! You bet we treat all of our callers with respect in their time of need regardless of whether a customer is paying $0 or $100. As stated before, this was simply written to promote a different company while negatively bad-mouthing another to gain market share. And, the next couple comments below proved my theory with their advertisements.

It is more than obvious though (and sad) that you are using a good company name that totally helps people as a way of advertising for your company (companies?). It is also more than obvious that "victimized" and "Mary" are the same writer, but again, that is hearsay.

Anyway, I can't stop you, nor do I wish to take away the time from our customers who need us most. We strive to do our best so our customers will pass our name around both on and off the internet legitimately without the need to negatively impact another institution.

Thank you for the free publicity.


Have you ever heard of Career Excuse? They treat their customers with dignity.

They aren't a bunch of College Kids looking for Beer Money. Just Sayin'


Let me say thank you to VICTIMIZED. By sharing your bad experience of poor customer service with these crooks, you're helping to shed some light on the problem. I know its tough out there, thats why I'm looking to Alibi HQ for help.

And to DANNY... There is NO EXCUSE for poor customer service. None. When a company is asking for large sums of our money for service, you should smile and be polite. I know when I am paying for something, I expect to be treated with SOME degree of civility.

I'm sure your competitors will appreciate your lack of good customer service. I know ALIBI HQ does.


Hi.. My name is Danny and I am an employee at FakeYourJob.com. I took this call. I can tell because what this guy did and said on the phone wrote it as I was rude rather than him.. So, "Victimized" .. let's make sure we have our story straight so everyone can see the full story, as I deserve my side as well.

First of all, "Victimized" is an employee of a (I won't name) competitor who called me from an SD 619 area code(yes, it's easy to know who you are since this is the only time this has ever happened). First and foremost let it be known that this guy never bought or utilized our services in any way, so I don't understand how he can say how terrible we are based on a five minute consultation phone call. But, here's what really happened: He called, and immediately demanded information like a drill-sargent in the military would that I happily provided; who we are, how we can help. His questions were pre-written (it was obvious) and it was even more obvious he was a competitor trying to find something to rude to say. He did start to get out of control when I politely said to him I feel like I'm being interrogated (well, I did!)in a military type style. We obviously never mind questions and always try to make people feel comfortable before buying. But, when you've been in sales as long as I have, you know when someone is serious, and when someone from another company is trying to get anything on you to submit to a website like this. Anyway, after joking with him about the military interrogation (we all know which of my competitors pulls the military card), he started to tell me how his money is just as green as anyone else and my gender or color of skin should have no precedence as to whether we can answer questions and/or accept business, thus he deserves to know everything about us. Anyway, I was shocked, but said nothing. I continued to answer his questions which were where we are based and how long we've been in business. Obviously, he didn't believe me and made up his own beliefs above.

The bottom line is what this person is not telling you is that my demeanor remained calm and professional, while his was abrupt and direct. Obviously a he said she said isn't important nor can ever be proved by either party, but I can prove that this person has no grounds to be "pissed" as he simply received a free consultation and did not buy. I flat out said to this guy "if you feel comfortable using a different service, then by all means go where you feel comfortable. We don't want to start a sale knowing that no matter what we do we can never satisfy you". He then hung up. That was that.

The point is I don't like receiving a call from a competitor only to be bashed with no grounds. This immature attempt at bashing to help grow your business is upsetting, uncalled for, and just plain immature.

I hope that any legitimate reader can read right through this nonsense, and search throughout the internet to find nothing but positive reviews. Our prices are fair, competitive, and custom; so yes, they do fluctuate giving you the best deal possible.

When and if we come across a legitimate complaint, we are always first in line to try and make it right in any form possible. Fortunately, those are slim to none and are always worked out so our clients receive the utmost respect and respectful customer service.

To all current, past, future, and potential clients: I am sorry you have to see an embarrassing public humiliation that could easily have been handled in private. But when competitors get desperate and try to hinder your ability to put food on the table for your family, your options are limited and a response of some sort becomes necessary.


I find it hilarious that you're upset with the company you're trying to get to LIE for you! Karma is a ***.


Ripoff artists!! Plain and simple!

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